Hello All,

I hope that you are all well.

Sorry that it has take me a while to sit down and write an email to you all. Everytime I sat down last week to write on the plan for future meetings the government, understandably, kept changing the advice! It looks like we are now entering into a period of settled advice, so let me outline the plan for us a fellowship in the coming weeks. If you know of anyone who may need a copy of this, please feel free to pass it on!

1) Where we are – The church building is now closed to everyone. I am allowed in for essential work and that is it. We had hoped to keep it open for solitary prayer; this is no longer allowed. I will be here however to publish some devotions; the newsletter & to field calls for those in need. Also due to the new restrictions on meeting in groups of more than 2 we cannot gather in any shape or form as a church family now either. This is a hard ask and I know I will miss the face to face and seeing you a lot! However, we must remember that these restrictions are to protect lives and they will pass.  

2) What we plan to do - We will publish a weekly newsletter that will contain a devotional, some tips for prayer & bible reading, fellowship news and prayer requests. Some of you, I am told, miss my terrible jokes so we might throw one or two of them in as well!  

We will also publish some devotionals on our social media channels, thank you to Dave for his tech savvy in this, these will be wee devotionals at least twice a week to share some of God’s word with you. We will also include in the newsletter some links to websites that offer streamed services, for now, we had hoped to do this at CCC but with the new restrictions on access to buildings and gatherings it will not be possible for us to do it. (The live streams we recommend will probably be recordings of previous services or areas outside of the restrictions as many churches now face similar problems to us)

Some folk have asked about contact details for others. Even during a national crisis GDPR regulations and enforcement are still active and this poses a problem for us in this area. I hope that I can share most things in the fellowship news and this will be a way for everyone to keep up to date. However if you are happy for me to share details you will need to email me back and confirm this. We can look at how this works as the weeks progress.  

As always Dave and I are available to help out in anyway we can. The social distancing rules do make pastoral visits nearly impossible. I am happy to wave in windows and talk 2m over a doorstep, but I am available on the phone for prayer & support. You can contact me primarily on the church number which is 01333-312041 – this number also has the answer machine, please do leave a message that way I can get back in touch if needed. We are still able (at this time) to help with shopping and prescription runs etc. If you need these please do get in touch.


Church Number – 01333-312041

 My home number is - 01333-311406


If anyone else has any ideas for contact, please do let me know. I miss you all and send my love to you all. God is good and faithful, and I am praying for each one of you that you may know His peace, joy & strength at this time. This will pass and we will see God bring us through and do good things in and through it.


Keep safe, keep well and use this time to draw closer to each other & the Lord.



A message from Pastor Daniel:

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